Area’s of Practice

Business Litigation

The Stone Law Group has experience handling a variety of business and commercial matters including actions against officers and directors, disputes between partners, shareholders or owners of companies, dissolution of partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies through judicial action, as well as actions involving fraud, concealment, misappropriation and/or the breach of fiduciary duty in the business environment. While these matters are typically litigated in the California Superior Court, we also represent clients in Federal District Court, including the prosecution and defense of  objections to discharge in the United States Bankruptcy Court.

-Actions against Officers and Directors

-Breach of Fiduciary Duty

-Disputes between Partners, Shareholders, Members

-Dissolution of Partnerships, Corporations and LLC’s

-Fraud, Concealment and Misappropriation

-Prosecution and Defense of Objections to Discharge in Bankruptcy Court

Personal Injury & Property Damage

We have substantial experience litigating personal injury cases including, automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, cases involving the dangerous condition of public property, governmental liability and premises liability.

-Automobile Accidents

-Bicycle Accidents

-Dangerous Condition of Public Property

-Governmental Liability

-Premises Liability

Probate Litigation

Because of our experience in business and real estate litigation we are frequently retained in probate matters that require litigation.  Our litigation experience includes actions to compel accounting, claims by and against trustees/personal representatives, proceedings to restore property wrongfully taken from a trust or probate estate, creditors claims and trust and will contests.

-Actions to compel accounting

-Actions by and against Trustees/Personal Representatives

-Actions to restore property wrongfully taken from a trust or probate estate

-Prosecution and Defense of Creditors Claims

-Trust & Will Contests

Professional Liability

Our experience in the area of professional liability includes accounting malpractice stemming from negligent tax or investment advice, legal malpractice in both the transactional and litigation areas, medical malpractice and claims against registered representatives.

-Accounting Malpractice

-Legal Malpractice

-Medical Malpractice

Real Estate Litigation

We have represented individuals and companies in various real estate litigation matters including actions by and against real estate professionals, actions by and against contractors, boundary disputes, breach of contract, actions involving specific performance, easements, judicial foreclosure, including the appointment of a receiver, quiet title and title insurance disputes.

-Actions by and against Real Estate Professionals

-Actions by and against Contractors

-Boundary Disputes

-Breach of Contract/Specific Peformance


-Judicial Foreclosure

-Quiet Title

-Title Insurance